Shaped by expert advice and public consultation

The plan for Sherford began in 2004 as four hamlets strung along the valley floor. The turning point came when the Local Authorities invited the Princeís Foundation for the Built Environment (The Foundation) to advise.

The Foundation immediately identified the planís lack of critical mass and centrality. From their Enquiry by Design (EbD) method of public consultation, which gives local people and other stakeholders a key role in shaping the proposal, a new Sherford emerged, with a High Street, a Town Hall and walkable neighbourhoods. The success of these sessions led to the establishment of the Sherford Community Steering Group, made up of local people.

The Foundation subsequently took on the role as masterplanners for Sherford.

In parallel, Red Tree held a series of public exhibitions and workshops to bring more local people into the debate, across a wide range of interests from community governance right through to recreation areas for young people.

In the history of town planning, there has probably never been a more openly collaborative design process.