Getting around town, getting to and from Sherford

Creating a town from the ground up has enabled the planners to invert the transport hierarchy that now applies in so many other towns and cities, where the car dominates. How will this be achieved?

Town layout
Sherford is laid out as a gridded network of streets which enables short walks to many destinations. There are many choices for how to get about.

Cycleways and walkways
Cycling and walking in Sherford will be a real pleasure, particularly along the quieter streets and greenways.

Integrated land use planning
The principle of mixed-use will apply throughout the town. So wherever you are in Sherford, you’ll be only a short walk or cycle ride from the shop, school, workplace or play area you want to get to.

Public transport
Regular buses will leave the Park & Ride for Plymouth city centre, stopping in the High Street and outside the Secondary School, and returning along the same route. This will reduce the need to travel by car within, out of and into Sherford.

Incentives to reduce car use and promote non-car alternatives
Incentives will include Community Trust promotions, a Sherford travel website, travel plans, a car club and a free bicycle to buyers of all Phase 1 dwellings.

For drivers, the High Street will extend to connect with the A38 to the north-east of the town and the A379 to the south-west. A number of upgrades to the existing highway network will be provided to ensure capacity for existing cars and those travelling to and from Sherford.