Early High Street (Robert Stokes) Sherford from the south west (Chris Draper) Residential Street (Ben Pentreath) The interplay of formality and informality in Sherford (Chris Draper) A local High Street (Ben Pentreath) The edge of the Community Park (Chris Draper) Open space outside the Secondary School (Ben Pentreath) Sherford's Town Hall (Chris Draper) Residential street and local centre (Ben Pentreath) The western half of Sherford (AIM) The edge of the Community Park (Ben Pentreath) Looking south east at the whole town (AIM) West Sherford Farm stands proud (Robert Stokes) The High Street (AIM) North Eastern Boulevard (Ben Pentreath) Looking west down the High Street (Chris Draper) Looking east down the High Street (Ben Pentreath) Looking west at the whole town (AIM) Informality in Sherford (Robert Stokes) Houses at Sherford (AIM)


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The Images section of this gallery features artists' impressions of Sherford's streetscapes and open spaces, and well as details of the fabric of buildings and public spaces