Shopping & business

Staying in Sherford to shop and work

The traditional market towns which have inspired Sherford evolved with a natural balance between homes, shops and workplaces. People used to work in the place in which they lived, even in the same building with home above their shop or workshop. And they did most – if not all – of their shopping in the town, buying local products and services from local traders.

In many of our towns and cities, we’ve lost that balance. People live in one place, and shop and work in another. This leaves large sections of our towns and cities dormant for long periods of the day.

In Sherford, shops and businesses will be integrated with residential areas, creating activity throughout the day, throughout the town. Every measure is being taken to provide the opportunity for a large proportion of the working population to work in Sherford itself.

There will be 67,000sqm of commercial and business space and 16,740sqm of retail space distributed throughout the town, although the High Street will be the principal focus for retail. Varying rents and leases will encourage local traders and attract a dynamic mix of occupiers.