Sport & Recreation

A vibrant mix of activity and tranquillity

Sport plays a big part in the life of a town. Football, tennis, bowling, rugby and cricket clubs are hubs of activity and interaction in their own right, but it’s important to offer sporting facilities outside club structures as well.

Sherford will have a wide range of well-equipped facilities for regular and casual participants – not just in the Community Park, but also at a sports hub in the south-west corner of town, and in the public facilities attached to its four schools. Some of the pitches and courts will be floodlit. There will also be a full range of indoor sports facilities – including a swimming pool – in the Sports Centre.

For young children there will be play facilities throughout the town. For older children, there’ll be a youth centre, an adventure zone and a skate park.

There will also be plenty of tranquillity – in the public gardens and open spaces dotted around town, along its walkways, greenways, cycleways and bridleways, and in the vast expanse of the Community Park.

All these options will keep the community in Sherford – because it’s got everything they need.