Foundations for a lasting legacy and a town to be proud of

Sustainability is a big theme, and it covers a lot of issues. In fact, it underpins every detail of Sherford.

Social sustainability
Making Sherford a town for everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, will unite the community in a shared sense of pride. Pedestrian-friendly, it will be a highly sociable town.

Economic sustainability
Sherford will be busy, with shops and businesses occupying all sections of the town, and a full range of facilities and services. Encouraged by the Community Trust, all this activity will keep people in Sherford and drive its prosperity.

Environmental sustainability
The design of Sherford will reduce car use and the buildings will be energy-efficient. As much as half of the energy required will be from renewable sources, including the town’s two wind turbines. The even proportion of open space to built environment, and the 170 acres of woodland, will minimise Sherford’s carbon footprint. The Community Trust will promote and encourage sustainable ways of living from the outset.