Our aspiration is that Sherford will be viewed in years to come as one of the West Country's most admired market towns. A town with its own identity, atmosphere, economy and way of life, looking and feeling like a town that's been centuries in the making, but behaving like the responsible product of the 21st Century that it is: providing affordable housing, creating local jobs, generating its own renewable energy, minimising its carbon output, encouraging walking and cycling, fostering social cohesion.

The plan to deliver this vision has taken many years' work, involving architects, surveyors, engineers, environmental and energy consultants, transport experts, ecologists and most notably, The Prince's Foundation, who've taken the masterplan through a series of revisions. Local residents have also been actively involved, as of course have local planners, who have now agreed a 'Resolution to Grant' planning permission.

The following pages will give you an insight into the detailed work that's helped form every element of the proposals.